“The ingenuity of Diego Pitarch’s set and Ben Cracknell’s lighting demonstrate the homogeneity of the creative team’s vision. The reward of the hard-earned boldness of all contributors is one of the best productions we have seen on this stage for the last few years”



“Ryan McBryde and his team did a great job at presenting a thrilling, entertaining and solid piece of contemporary history on stage. Sounds, lights and Jan Karlsson’s & Sascha Vredenburg’s rapid video sequences, combined with McBryde’s explicit theatrical language and the brilliant cast adds up to an extremely intense evening that appeals to all our senses and turns out to be exciting and – in spite of the terrible topic – very entertaining.”




Producer : The Altes Schauspielhaus, Stuttgart

Director : Ryan McBryde

Set Designer : Diego Pitarch

Video Designer : Jan Karlsson & Sascha Vredenburg


Lighting Programmer : Anita Zwanzig

Production Electrician : Heribert Möhres