The Importance of Being Ernest

“Isla Shaw’s impressive set is a star in its own right, enclosing the cast in a huge hall of mirrors that reflects the action of the play back onto the audience. Ben Cracknell lights the space with immense skill”



“Designer Isla Shaw’s astonishing mirrored set offers an interesting perspective on the idea of how we perceive ourselves, what we present to others, how our views are reflected back at us – but that’s if you want to delve. If you don’t, it just looks glorious – and top marks to lighting designer Ben Cracknell who must have had a hell of a time ensuring the lamps aren’t reflected back into the eyeline of the audience.”



“….a completely mirrored box bedecked with golden chaises to depict the sophistication of the city and bountiful blooms strung from the ceiling to represent the calm of the country. It’s the perfect space for a story obsessed with appearances and is wonderfully lit by Ben Cracknell.”



Producer : Birmingham RepCurve Leicester

Director : Nikolai Foster

Set Designer : Isla Shaw

Sound Designer : Dan Hoole

Lighting Programmer : Simon Bond

Production Electrician : Andy Fidgeon